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WE BELIEVE the personal life study of...

The hearer is to become a Believer who is also a Doer who ultimately turns into a Scholar who emanates a great Teacher of Truth!

This online program is not another Bible Study or Sunday School Class.

It's the comprehensive Interactive Experience of "A Deeper Study of TRUTH. We believe the personal life study of the hearer is to become a believer who is also a doer who ultimately turns into a scholar who emanates a great teacher of truth. 

With false theories, concepts, and ideas sweeping across the land and the internet, we know it is high time to stand firm in the faith, think critically about the scriptures, and understand why we must "tell the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth... so, help us God." 

We trust the Bible to be the world's Primary source of knowledge, making everything else Secondary. 

Oh, and one last thing, "We cannot launch into the deep if our shallow beliefs are never challenged."


1. Hearers

Be an Example

2. Believers

Set a good Example

3. Doers

Follow the right Example

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4. Scholars

Learn by Example

5. Teachers

Lead by Example

Old & New Testament


Past Present & Future Things to Come

All studies are inspired by William Tyndale's original Hebrew and Greek text translation into the English Language and the contribution of his finished work through the King James Bible Version.

All programs center around the historical research studies of the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines 10th Anniversary Edition.

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