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Welcome to SDS's self-paced 39-week Old Testament, Rose Book of Charts, Maps, and Timelines 10th Anniversary Edition, course study online. While this course study offers the scholar flexibility, it is important to remember to form a daily study habit, time, and focus for learning. The scholar should spend at least 5-6 days studying per week daily. Example: Week 1 -Day 0.01 Genesis, Week 2 -Day 0.02 Exodus, etc.. as the course will include additional readings, videos, peer discussions, and quizzes. Once scholars complete their weekly assignments they can advance to the next segment. We strongly caution scholars not to get behind, as trying to catch up is more demanding and overwhelming than the actual course. Each lesson is carefully planned to examine the Bible Overview of the Old Testament through biblical and historical research studies. The scholar must properly define the 5Ws (who, what, when, where, and why) that reference the time, period, culture, philosophy, history, and spiritual clarity of various events when required. Whether you have a certified degree or studious inquiry this course will test and challenge your simplicity of scripture and present-day historical findings. Pre-req: This is a real study course that requires self-discipline. The Scholar must complete the advanced-level knowledge study of the Bible before advancing into an in-depth research study.

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OLD-T Biblical Genres Genesis- Malachi


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