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​Getting to know someone is hard work, but necessary to the success of the relationship. Most people don't realize that dynamics is a process characterized by the constant changes involving each individual that affect the overall relationship. Everything that happens between two people tells us:

  • how they behave with each other,

  • what they think about each other, and

  • how they feel about each other.

Every partner should take some time and find a way to understand the personality of the other. Through our group inspirations, we will explore the dynamics of avoidance, dominance, understanding, commitment, consistency, self-confidence, interaction, and power imbalance surrounding our interpersonal relationships. When we identify our behaviors we can H.E.A.L. the heart, emotions, attitude, and language of our interaction. Is there a delusion about wanting everyone around you to change while you continue doing the same thing? Think about it; why do we spend our time condemning others' behaviors while justifying our own. There was a bitter rage inside of me and only God could make me accountable for my actions. 

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Dynamics Course

Welcome to Minister LA's knowledge and media platform dedicated to exploring the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Single or married we have all had our share of the good, bad, and ugly kind of dynamics that either made us laugh or cry. This course is based around "Real People" in the Bible who've experienced the same love scandals, triangles, conflicts, and emotional challenges we face today. The difference is that we have come into new knowledge that offers better resources for our struggles. It is a matter of doing the work.

Join our Co-Ed Dynamics course to start your journey towards better relationships!

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Safe Talks with Minister LAs


Welcome to Minister LA's Value M.E. Safe talks platform. This Group spinoff of her book entitled Emotionally Unstable Growing up without My Daddy offers new insights. We are emotional creatures by nature, but if we sharpen our minds to think differently about our experiences, we can form healthy dynamics. Whether you are married or single this is where we ask tough questions and have real discussions about bettering our interpersonal relationships truthfully and respectfully.

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