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Minister LAs is bringing you :

  • Knowledge about the past,

  • The truth about the present, and

  • Understanding about the future.



Welcome to the LA~BRARY a digital design dedicated to providing clients with truthful and accurate content. Our founder, La Cherie Armour, a 4.0 Azusa Pacific Alumnus, is passionate about research methodology and is devoted to this field. Our mission is to make sure you know the truth, personally, whether you are an expert or a first-time learner of our information and inspiration services. We aim to be your go-to platform that deepens your knowledge about the past, answers the truth about the present, and gives you an understanding of the future. Our research involves a strong background in historical and biblical studies that has resulted in the comprehensive changes we experience in society today. With our LA~BRARY resources, you can be confident that you will receive the best insights and guidance needed to achieve your goals while staying true to sound doctrine scholarly learning.

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