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Safe Talks with Minister LAs

Welcome to Value M.E. a truth course committed to providing interpersonal relationships the tools they need to heal mentally and grow emotionally. From my personal experience with Toxic relationships, I know firsthand the damage they cause, and that is why this course gets to the root problem of facing what hurt us the most growing up. At the core of your deepest emotional pain is the reality of the wayward behaviors we display in our inner cry to be loved, feel loved, and fall in love. But this cannot happen if we are afraid to trust LOVE! Nevertheless, this support group will prove we are not alone. 


This course will compare and contrast our present-day experiences and the good, bad, and ugly dynamics of biblical relationships through storytelling. Whether it's wrong loves, narcissistic behaviors, or bitter-sweet romances the Bible offers a deeper understanding of our need to heal our mental and emotional state?

Whether you're single or married, Minister LA's approach to the truth will provide the knowledge and support you need to achieve balance and security in your emotional life. If you're ready to take control of your emotional well-being, reach out today to join our journey.

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