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SDS is the place where we believe God does not need science to prove He exists, but science proves it exists because of God. As the founder of Sound Doctrine Scholastics (SDS), we are prompting Believers and Non-believers alike to deepen their knowledge with our online comprehensive study of past, present, and future world affairs concerning humanity. 

Our scholastics study is centered around four influential historical periods we like to call the A.B.C Worlds:





All of these have or will affect Christian living in one way or another. Our study examines the importance of ancient and new discoveries, God's story, Church order, and World systems. We are the generation of increased knowledge referenced in the book of Daniel. Technology, science, and information systems are changing the way we learn, think, and live. We are offering an interactive academic experience that equips learners to investigate the scriptures with a ready mind. (Acts 17:11). We focus on God's story, the message it conveyed to every generation throughout the ages, and its impact today. We study the Literary Context of scripture in each book's outline, structure, chapter, and paragraph to understand its "full meaning. Lastly, we explore the past, present, and future to better understand humanity's story, God's government, and man's governing rule." Join our e-learning programs today.

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